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Creek Flow & Temps

During the summer months check out the Butte Creek gauge below the Covered Bridge to see the current flow and temperature. Also check the DeSabla gauge to see how much import water is coming in from the West Branch of the Feather River. The difference in flow readings is approximately the natural flow of Butte Creek, around 70-140 cfs, yet only 40 cfs is required by FERC of PG&E to run through the most valuable and well protected holding and spawning area for these fish.

Import and Mainstem Butte Creek Flows

Import Water from West Branch Feather River (DeSabla gauge)

Butte Creek below Covered Bridge

Parrot Phelan Diversion from Butte Creek

Butte Creek near Durham

Butte Creek below Western Canal Outlet

Butte Creek near Meridian

Tributaries Flows

Dry Creek Near Richvale (Cherokee Canal)

Butte Creek Temperatures

Butte Creek low flow section temperature data!

West Branch Feather River Import Water

Butte Creek below Covered Bridge

Butte Creek near Durham

Butte Creek below Western Canal outlet

Butte Creek Turbidity

Butte Creek below Covered Bridge

Help With Monitoring!

Butte Creek has very little monitoring for biological integrity, chemistry or pollutant levels. Butte Creek in the Butte Slough and at the mouth at Sacramento Slough have been identified as "impaired waters" due to exceedance of water quality standards for the pesticides Diazinon and Molinate. The Regional Water Quality Control Board has recommended these waters be included on the EPA 303D list of Impaired Waters. If you'd like to volunteer to help monitor Butte Creek contact us at