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Butte Creek supports the largest run of wild, naturally spawned Spring Run Chinook in California
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Salmoncam is in but offline at the moment!

The new HD camera, donated by Aercontvision, is in and will soon be back online. Enjoy the arrival of the Spring Run Salmon on this screenshot from the camera and the most recent videos. Click here.

10th Annual Wild and Scenic Film Festival

Sierra Nevada Brewery Big Room and the Pageant Theater



Friends of Butte Creek are celebrating TEN YEARS of Wild and Scenic Films in Chico

WSFF Poster

Festival pages.

MapThe Butte Creek Canyon Zoning Overlay is out for Review

See article to right and above >>>>>^^^^^^^

Workshop is June 30, 2016 1:00 PM 25 County Center Drive, Oroville



bearBears appear to have taken a serious toll on the few salmon that made it up to spawn in 2015. Low water and lots of hungry bears made it easy pickings for the bears. Check out the great shots from Suji Roland of a spawning salmon snatched from her redd by the mama bear. Her two cubs were waiting on shore for lunch. We will be creating a wildlife page to share all the great pictures that Friends have been taking. Enjoy this visit on the creek and the photo of our Bear Gardener...


The Salmoncam is offline.........

Camera will be fixed and relocated to the pool soon. Nearly 250 fish holding in the pool at the moment.


Mid-morning to early afternoon is best. Click here

poolThe new HD camera donated by Aercontvision is online. The spring run salmon are spawning in large numbers. The camera is at the Holding Pool. YOU CAN SPAWNSOR THE LIVE CAMERA FEED. Your name, your business or your dedication will be featured on the salmoncam web page.

Please contact us to find out how you can help keep the beauty of Butte Creek live on the internet and share with your friends this beautiful place we live! Thanks to Michael Smith for this incredible photo taken May 7.

8th Annual Wild and Scenic Film Festival was better than ever.

Friends of Butte Creek expanded the Wild and Scenic Film Festival to a full day event this year. Special thanks to the Sierra Nevada Brewery, Klean Kanteen, The Nature Conservancy, Sacramento River Preservation Trust, Butte Environmental Council, our wonderful volunteers and many others. Click here to view the festival showings.

Spawn 2013 - 15,866 Spring Run Salmon

spawn2013The 2014 Spring Run Salmon are back. Low water may have triggered an early return. And then came the rain! The creek is in remarkably good condition with good flows for the juveniles heading to the ocean and adults returning home to entertain the creatures of the Canyon. Otters are happy and enjoying wild salmon sashimi regularly. View the Salmoncam and check out the action. Sponsors needed!

2012 Fish Spawned in Record Numbers!!!

We had a spectacular run with a final estimate at just under 17,000 salmon. This is in the top 4 years of recent records. Spawning began earlier than usual. Contact us for a 2013 Spring Run Salmon Tour. More videos including underwater action are located on the video page.

Fish Counts

Final 2011 Carcass Count Estimate was 4500 fish. They are bouncing back!

Final 2010 Spring Run Salmon Count Estimate - 1,979

Butte County General Plan

Butte Creek Canyon residents are working on a Conservation Overlay to be included in General Plan.


Please take time to thank the Butte County supervisors for supporting the protection of Butte Creek.




Butte Creek Canyon Zoning Overlay Moves Forward

Canyon groups have contributed to developing a zoning overlay for Butte Creek Canyon which will help protect the water, wildlife and the beauty of this incredilble scenic wonder. The DRAFT document and the map are online now. An information workshop is scheduled for June 30th at 1:00 PM at 25 County Center Drive in Oroville. Stay tuned as we work with the County Supervisors to make this part of the General Plan. Butte Creek Canyon Draft Overlay and Map.

Spring Run Chinook Salmon Symposium July 26-28

Salmonid Restoration Federation and Friends of Butte Creek are bringing back this Symposium focused on Sproing Run Chinook Salmon. The first day will be updates and research presentation followed by two days of tours of Butte, Mill, Deer, Clear Creeks, and tenatively Big Chico Creek.

Visit for more information.

Water Quality Certification for the DeSabla-Centerville Hydro Project.

The long awaited Water Quality 401 Certification is out and is a winner for the fish! Read the details of the flow increases, fish passage, monitoring and habitat improvements that will forever make Butte Creek and the salmon better. 401 Water Quality Certification

Stewardship Council ---Butte Creek Plan

The Stewardship Council is in charge of disposing of PG&E Lands in Butte Creek. The recommendations are out. Click here for the full report.


2013 Pre-Spawn Mortality and Population Evaluation

Read the new 2013 report from DFW.

Carcass Count Completed

The Department of Fish and Wildlife counted carcasses by the thousands. They chop the older carcasses and tag fresh ones with a round disc. Counting the # of tags left after a week helps determine how many are being dragged off by the bears and other critters which improves the accuracy of the count. The total estimate for the 2013 spring run was 15,886. Up by over 4,000 from the snorkel count of 11,470. Last yer's run was estimated at 17,000. Are we there yet? View 59 years of run numbers.

Run is On!

The recent rains brought the fish upstream from the ocean and they have flooded the lower canyon. Please "Like" Friends of Butte Creek on Facebook and post your salmon pictures and videos!! Check the Salmoncam also.

2013 Snorkel Count

As was expected the summer snorkel count is a near record and snorkel counts are historically low. With 11,470 counted, 2800 more than last year, we could be looking at a run of 18,000 or more. The all-time record is from 1998 with over 20,000 spawning salmon. Things are looking good. Read report.

2012 Carcass Count

Final estimate from CDFW was 17,000 salmon. One of the top years for returns. Butte Creek's capacity to support salmon is a marvel to all.

2012 Snorkel Count

Nearly 9000 salmon counted. The summer survey is generally much lower than the actual numbers, especially when there is a big run like this year. Read the report.

2011 Salmon Carcass count is in. The numbers are up!!!

Read the newsletter.

Climate Change Threatens California Salmon

Two centuries ago there were over a million spring run Chinook salmon in California. Today there are fewer than 10,000. A new study conducted by UC Davis and the Stockholm Environment Institute, climate change could make these fish locally extinct. Read more.

Capitol Public Radio Story on Butte Creek

Part 1 - Listen here

Part 2 - Listen here

Annual Spring Run Salmon Snorkel Count Results

Read the DFG report for 2011. (pdf)

UC Davis Study Paints Bleak Picture for Butte Creek Spring Run Salmon

UC Davis researchers along with hydrologist from the Stockholm Institute have released their findings on Butte Creek. Without dramatic changes in hydroelectric operations you can say good-bye to the Spring Run. Read the Science Daily article.

Down Comes the Sediment Again-Third time is not a charm

Check out the story. The spill happened before the reported fire and some 8-10 miles upstream of these pictures.

FERC is Concerned About Repeated Sediment Pollution

Read the letter.

Regional Water Board Wants Answers to Sediment Pollution

Read the notice.

PG&E Centerville Canal Fails Again - More Sediment? March 2011

Read the report.

FERC orders PG&E to produce a report in 7 days on sediment pollution in Butte Creek February 9, 2011

Read the FERC order.

Watch the video.

Supervisor support Butte Creek Overlay

Butte County Supervisors voted 5-0 on July 27 to support the development of a Conservation Overlay for Butte Creek Canyon.Read article.

Spring Run Symposium Tours were enjoyed by many.

For more info and photo albums click here.

Fish Rescued Again???

High flows most of the spring left springers spread all the way to Durham. Several pulse flows in July helped some over the last barriers above Hwy 99.

EPA wants new restrictions on pesticides for salmon protection

Read the story.

Canyon residents fight off another threat

Read the Chico News-Review article.

2010 Butte Creek spring run count

The final carcass count is in for the 2010 Butte Creek spring run and the decline continues. Only 1979 salmon were counted, the lowest number in 13 years. Sacramento Valley salmon are heading for extinction. We can not let this happen!

Salmon Water Now has some great videos

See the rest of their videos on our video page.