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An Evaluation of the DeSabla-Centerville Hydroelectric Project and Its Impact on Fish and Wildlife, California Department of Fish and Game. Flint and Meyers, 1977.

FERC Relicensing Documents for 1992 Centerville Powerhouse Rebuild, Fishery recommendations are on pages 30-32

M&T Water Exchange Agreement - Providing additional flows to Butte Creek in exchange for Sacramento River water, May 1996

Physical Stream Survey - Upper Butte Creek, Butte County, California Holtgrieve, 1997 (maps coming soon)

Butte Creek Existing Conditions Report, CSU Chico Watershed Program, 1998

A Preliminary Assessment of the Salmon Habitat Potential Of Butte Creek between Butte Head Dam and Centerville Head Dam, Kier and Associates 1998

Butte Creek Fish Passage Evaluation-CDFG, March 24, 2000

Upper Butte Creek Road Survey, CSU Chico Watershed Program 2000

Butte Creek Watershed Management Strategy, CSU Chico Watershed Program, 2000

Butte Creek Fluvial Geomorphology Report (missing pages 12-20 for some reason), CSU Chico Watershed Program, 2000

Flow and Habitat Relationships for Spawning Spring Run Salmon on Butte Creek, Gard, USFWS 2003

Butte Creek Restoration, CDFW, AFRP, CALFED, CDFW, November 2005

Cursory Assessment of the Butte Creek Ecological Reserve, CSU Chico, 2007

Water Management Adaptations to Prevent Loss of Spring-Run Chinook Salmon in California under Climate Change Lisa Thompson, Peter Moyle 2012

NOAA Recovery Plan For Central Valley Winter Run, Spring Run and Steelhead. NOAA Fisheries 2014

Instream Flow Recommendations for Butte Creek at Durham Mutual Dam September 16, 2017

DeSabla-Centerville Hydroelectric Project- Retool or Decommission Powerpoint Salmonid Restoration Conference, April 2018 Fortuna California

Existing conditions, options, future conditions -DeSabla-Centerville Hydroelectric Project - Centerville Schoolhouse Working Group 2019

Juvenile salmon growth, movement, and survival in Butte Creek - A look at past and present tagging studies in the Sutter Bypass Click here, Jeremy Notch, NOAA Fisheries and UC Santa Cruz, November 22, 2021