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2021 Videos - Life in the Riffle - Late in the summer when water temperature was high and oxygen low, Butte Creek spring run salmon moved into the riffles gasping to try and find adequate oxygen to survive. Most of the fish did not survive. Video





PGE Videos of Butte Creek from Parrott/Phelan to Butte Head Dam, June 28, 2005.

Lower Canyon

Upper Canyon


2012 Videos



2011 Spawn


Spring Run Jump Butte Creek Music Video - 2007

Spring Run Salmon July 26, 2010



Salmon Water Now Videos

Paper Water: And Other Sordid Tales and The Water Pirates.

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Mergansers cruisin'

Dirty Drains

Dirty drain water from rice fields and wildlife refuges regularly obliterates the water clarity in Butte Creek. This type of pollution can have serious effects on both juvenile and adult spring run salmon and steelhead which are migrating through here in March. The East side drain is much more obvious but the video from the Aguas Frias Bridge shows how clean the water is at that point. These drains are about five miles downstream. March 11, 2007

California Newts in Action

California Newts frolic in Butte Creek in a passionate tangle.

Bald Eagle Extraordinaire

Enjoy this rare footage of a bald eagle taking a bath on Butte Creek


Salmon Spawn 2009

Numbers were down but the fish are still as beautiful as ever.

Salmon Spawn 2007

Salmon Migrating Dowstream September 21, 2007

2009 Butte Creek Spawn

The total run was under 3000 fish.